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tin can planet, 900?
"A perfect landing!" he declared with pride. "Well, mostly perfect. A bit perfect. We're still standing anyway. Are you coming, Donna?" he asked as he bounded to the TARDIS door.

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tin can planet, 900?
Player Information

Name/Handle: Claire
Age: 24
Personal LiveJournal: diabolicalfiend 
Email Address:
Other Contact Information: AIM: Si Barone OW
Time Zone: GMT
RPG Experience:  If We Lost (Barty Crouch Jr, Tom Toadstool), Hearts and Minds (Constable Benton Fraser, Lieutenant Harding Welsh) and All the Strange, Strange Creatures (The fifth Doctor, Martha Jones), others that are defunct.

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tin can planet, 900?
The Doctor is here! Hello! Well, actually, no he's not. Sorry. Leave me a message though.


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