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The Doctor (Tenth)
18 August
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Hello, I'm the Doctor. No, honestly. Seriously. Doctor, The. Look it up. On second thought... perhaps you shouldn't. Safer that way.

Well, anyway. I'm a Timelord. From Gallifrey. You might have heard of it. Legends the Timelords were. Especially me! Guardians of time and space.

Well, they died. And I'm the only one left. Well, there was the Master for a while... but he died too. My, talking to yourself on the internet is depressing.

The Doctor is a character from Doctor Who, and belongs to the BBC. No rights of ownership is claimed. For RP only. He's just after the Easter Special and Children of Earth.

He travelled with Rose, loved her and lost her. To another universe and her father. He couldn’t tell her he loved her when his last chance came.

He wept, until Donna Noble, dressed in a wedding dress appeared in the TARDIS. Her fiancé was killing her, with the help of the Racnoss. And she wanted to save him. The Doctor asked her to come, but she said no, but that he needed someone.

He met Martha Jones, doctor-to-be, when he wasn’t looking. She was brilliant, so he asked her to come with him. While he pretended that it was just a favour, she pretended that she hadn’t fallen for him.

The Master stripped them of their pretences, by ending the world. But she saved them and realised that she wasn’t second best any more.

Miracle of miracles, Donna returned, and they were the best of friends. Until everyone with a glimpse into the future told them that they were going to die.

The universe melted and Rose returned and Donna saved the universe and created a new life. The DoctorDonna. The perfect solution to the ‘Rose problem’. He left them in the alternate universe.

The Doctor had to wipe Donna’s memories. Now he only travels alone.

Sonic Screwdriver, Coat, Miscellaneous Electronics, Suits, T-shirts, Glasses.

The Doctor, in his current incarnation a tall, skinny man with brown hair, which is in turns spiky and floppy. Not handsome in the conventional sense, his charm lies in the faith he has in others and his infectious grin.